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May 10, 2022 05:31PM
Hi Rick,

thank you for your help with the shell error messages! I fixed them and they are gone whenever I start them. The main issue with the error "set: Variable name must begin with a letter." unfortunately still persists when using @SUMA_AligntoExperiment. (see attachment)

May I send you my current dotfiles again per email just to make sure that there is nothing wrong here?

Curiously, if I run @SSwarper this error also occurs, which does not prevent the program vom finishing successfully:

@SSwarper -input anat+orig. -base MNI2009_to_MNI+tlrc.BRIK -subid sswarp_anat2mni
++ Starting: @SSwarper v2.54
++ Default OMP_NUM_THREADS is 10

++ Based on input, the output directory will be:
set: Variable name must begin with a letter.
++ 3dTcat: AFNI version=AFNI_22.0.17 (Mar 10 2022) [64-bit]
++ elapsed time = 0.2 s
++ SSW Step 1
++ SSW Step 2
++ SSW Step 3
++ OpenMP thread count = 10


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