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March 10, 2021 10:23AM
Hi, Jenna-

Sorry for missing this the first time through.

Setting motion thresholds---balancing the removal problematic time points with still having a useful amount of data---is tricky. Indeed, in a number of populations, some thresholds are set higher. It will still be good to verify that motion artifacts are not overwhelming effects on correlation---hopefully reviewing the APQC HTML will help with that.

Re. correlation matrix: are you using 3dNetCorr? When you analyze the errts, then mean of that time series is 0, and within a subject those 0s match across a whole volume. The correlation values should not be strongly affected by that.

A 0 in a correlation matrix would mean that the average time series for all voxels in an ROI are identically 0. That shouldn't really happen, if the ROI is within the brain mask.

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Motion censoring in resting state for older adult/AD sample Attachments

jkblujus February 04, 2021 06:35PM

Re: Motion censoring in resting state for older adult/AD sample

ptaylor March 10, 2021 10:23AM

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