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February 11, 2021 11:48AM

this is not really an AFNI question but it is related to using AFNI so I hope it's still OK to post.

I am encountering a weird problem while using AFNI on an NIH-owned Windows laptop, working from home.

AFNI is installed on Ubuntu 18.04 which runs on WSL 1.

As an NIH employee, every now and then I have to VPN to NIH network to do various things that are not accessible from the outside. I am using CiscoVPN as provided by the NIH.

The issue is that connecting to VPN usually (though, curiously, not always) leads to crash of WSL which kills Ubuntu and whatever was open in Ubuntu, including AFNI.

I traced the cause to Windows service LxssManager being stopped, presumably by CiscoVPN. I can restart the service using "sc config LxssManager start=auto" with admin privileges, and the restart Ubuntu & AFNI. But still it is annoying to remember not to connect to VPN while there is an analysis running, or while I have AFNI GUI up with many carefully arranged windows, because I have to start over.

I tried to get help from NIH IT, and I got pretty far including someone in the VPN team looking at my CiscoVPN logs, but they just said they see nothing related to LxssManager.

So, I am wondering of anyone has encountered this issue too, and maybe found a good workaround - better than carefully timing VPN sessions around AFNI work.
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AFNI, WSL 1, and CiscoVPN

Pawel February 11, 2021 11:48AM

Re: AFNI, WSL 1, and CiscoVPN

Daniel Glen February 11, 2021 02:59PM

Re: AFNI, WSL 1, and CiscoVPN

Pawel February 12, 2021 12:34PM

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