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June 14, 2022 12:00AM
Well hate to say it but I need to re-run this particular analysis and the problem is occurring once again.

I've tried the swapspace fix that I ran previously, but unfortunately it is no longer working even if I pump the swapspace all the way up to 20G and run it with 8 of my 12 cores.

Theoretically the data is much smaller here, since I'm using the single-band reference image as opposed to an average over the timeseries, but it still fails a few minutes into running:

Warning message:
In is.null(ss) || !length(ss) || ss == "" :
  'length(x) = 15393 > 1' in coercion to 'logical(1)'

***** Summary information of data structure *****
171 subjects :  M68200328 M68201840 M68202519 M68203813 M68205852 M68206804 M68207441 M68211711 M68213150 M68214060 M68215067 M68216812 M68217540 M68218804 M68219746 M68220087 M68220143 M68222897 M68224600 M68226680 M68228101 M68228769 M68229766 M68230071 M68230076 M68230484 M68233626 M68234678 M68235743 M68238660 M68239883 M68240624 M68241316 M68241416 M68242003 M68243231 M68244666 M68245526 M68246778 M68247537 M68248669 M68248972 M68250477 M68250661 M68252083 M68252810 M68253176 M68254569 M68255787 M68258048 M68263120 M68263159 M68263512 M68266005 M68266503 M68267721 M68268383 M68272184 M68272978 M68273479 M68273917 M68274309 M68275220 M68279410 M68279458 M68279767 M68280629 M68281040 M68281658 M68282559 M68283766 M68284038 M68284343 M68284963 M68286912 M68290598 M68290751 M68291444 M68297719 M68298580 M87100718 M87100788 M87104289 M87104714 M87104918 M87105212 M87105265 M87105689 M87105897 M87106704 M87109225 M87109237 M87111261 M87111372 M87111670 M87112743 M87113328 M87113655 M87114683 M87116480 M87116559 M87116562 M87117365 M87120319 M87120532 M87122548 M87123871 M87124949 M87126689 M87126892 M87128044 M87130182 M87131012 M87132364 M87133564 M87133640 M87135262 M87137913 M87138931 M87139741 M87140340 M87141288 M87144657 M87145777 M87146442 M87147424 M87149105 M87152059 M87152436 M87152779 M87152840 M87154350 M87155237 M87155634 M87155705 M87160162 M87160343 M87160608 M87161334 M87161703 M87166199 M87168050 M87170742 M87170862 M87172564 M87173380 M87173481 M87174487 M87175951 M87177235 M87177451 M87177624 M87181301 M87181340 M87183741 M87184504 M87184673 M87184856 M87186620 M87186783 M87189143 M87189586 M87192301 M87193022 M87195745 M87196268 M87196316 M87196476 M87196579 M87197917 M87199117 
5130 response values
30 levels for factor Method : MeanEPI_to_KIDSPMTPM_GM_Affine MeanEPI_to_KIDSPMTPM_GM_Nonlinear MeanEPI_to_MNI_Brain_Template MeanEPI_to_Post_MNI_Averaged_Brain_Template_Affine MeanEPI_to_Post_MNI_Averaged_Brain_Template_Nonlinear MeanEPI_to_T1_to_KIDSPMTPM_GM_Affine MeanEPI_to_T1_to_KIDSPMTPM_GM_Nonlinear MeanEPI_to_T1_to_Multimodal_Study_Specific_EPI_Template_Affine MeanEPI_to_T1_to_Multimodal_Study_Specific_EPI_Template_Nonlinear MeanEPI_to_T1_to_Post_MNI_Averaged_Brain_Template_Affine MeanEPI_to_T1_to_Post_MNI_Averaged_Brain_Template_Nonlinear MeanEPI_to_T1_to_Unimodal_EPI_Study_Specific_Template_Affine MeanEPI_to_T1_to_Unimodal_EPI_Study_Specific_Template_Nonlinear MeanEPI_to_to_Multimodal_Study_Specific_EPI_Template_Affine MeanEPI_to_to_Multimodal_Study_Specific_EPI_Template_Nonlinear MeanEPI_to_to_Multimodal_Study_Specific_T1_Template_Affine MeanEPI_to_to_Multimodal_Study_Specific_T1_Template_Nonlinear MeanEPI_to_Unimodal_Study_Specific_EPI_Template_Affine MeanEPI_to_Unimodal_Study_Specific_EPI_Template_Nonlinear SPM12_Coreg SPM12_NoCoreg SPM12_TOM8_NoCoreg SPM12_TOM8_TPMs_Coreg SPM8_Kid_TPM_No_Coreg SPM8_No_Coreg T1_to_KIDSPMTPM_GM_Affine T1_to_KIDSPMTPM_GM_Nonlinear T1_to_MNI_Template T1_to_Multimodal_Study_Specific_T1_Template_Affine T1_to_Multimodal_Study_Specific_T1_Template_Nonlinear 

Contingency tables of subject distributions among the categorical variables:

***** End of data structure information *****

Reading input files now...

Reading input files for effect estimates: Done!


I gave it the -dbgArgs flag as well to try and debug it but I haven't had much success on that end either.

Everything needed to run the analysis should be in the link below (in theory):

Any help or suggestions anyone would be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.
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