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April 06, 2021 12:22PM
Hi all,
I'm a little unclear about a problem I'm having with I am also not sure whether it has been superseded by

In the former, I don't get all of the ROIs (I get 3 ROI pairs, but I have 8 ROIs, so in theory, I'd have 28 pairs), but I don't see any error messages. I did have to manually edit some of my *.grid files because they didn't have ROI names (just numbers like 001), and maybe that's part of the problem, but it seems unlikely.

The problem APPEARS to be related to cases where there are no tracts between region pairs, and in the study for which I'm analyzing data, not every subject has data for all pairs. Does the program require that for ROI pairs to be included, all subjects have to have tracts for the ROI pair? That is my guess.

When I use the latter, I get the message: ** ERROR: Wrong type of input here: need 'lm2b.file_grid_netcc'

Any thoughts on how I can move ahead? At present, I'm using SPSS, and I'd rather not have to transform the files to be readable by that program
Best wishes,

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preparing to used fat_mvm_scripter

Matthew Hoptman April 06, 2021 12:22PM

Re: preparing to used fat_mvm_scripter

ptaylor April 13, 2021 04:59PM

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