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April 21, 2021 08:07PM
Hi, Conan-

To my knowledge, there isn't (but I could be corrected by someone else here, perhaps).

A slightly different point is that: many papers show using statistic values overlays, as well as using them to threshold. That ignores the very important information stored in the effect estimates. And we would suggest that in most cases, there are better ways to present the "fuller" modeling results, including both the effect estimate and statistical info. This is discussed persuasively by Gang here:
Chen G, Taylor PA, Cox RW (2017). Is the statistic value all we should care about in neuroimaging? Neuroimage. 147:952-959. doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2016.09.066
... and using the GUI to show this fuller information is described here:

Additionally, we've also started to recommend that people show a lot more of the data, in particular putting less emphasis on thresholds---or at least, showing modeling results even in "sub-threshold" regions, so readers can evaluate the full output of the modeling. This is accomplished in the GUI using "translucent" thresholding with the "alpha" and "boxed" buttons, which are described toward the end of the above Bootcamp video (starting around 17:20 or so; but it would be worth watching the whole video for the other results display purposes, described above).

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