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April 22, 2021 12:26PM
Adding on to Paul's sage advice, here are a few more GUI tips.

1. AFNI_PBAR_THREE. Set this environment variable that has three panes that you can drag up and down. It's useful for windowing the overlay in a more flexible way. The middle bar is the main colorbar, but you can set above and below to solid colors.
2. Paned color scales. Below the colorbar, you can select what's usually a "**" for a continuous color scale and choose a specific number of panes, up to 20. Each of the panes can be dragged by the bars at the edge of each color. You can also select the color by clicking on it.
3. Make a new color map. At the top of the colorbar, you can choose to save the palette. That will be a text file you can edit that has RGB encoded in hexadecimal by every two characters. Change the number of lines that contain "#000000" to control how big the gap is. Change the name of the palette in the file so that it will show up in the color scale list with a new name too. The file looks like this:
cat testpal.pal 

Load the modified palette file with the "Read in palette" function with the right click at the Olay text. Select the palette to load it into the colorbar selections. Right click on the colorbar to "Choose colorscale" and choose the new colorscale.

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cchen April 21, 2021 03:53PM

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Daniel Glen April 22, 2021 12:26PM

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