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March 17, 2022 01:08PM
Hi there,

I am having problems with @ClustExp_run_shiny and getting the following error:

An error has occurred!
In sliderInput(): `min`, `max`, and `value` cannot be NULL, NA, or empty.

My browser (chromium on linux) doesn't launch the app at all, just gives this error.

My AFNI viewer is showing a thresholded image and I moved the crosshair around (I assume this is the slider to which the error is referring) and nothing changes.

Any idea how I could troubleshoot this?

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@ClustExp_run_shiny error

mironside March 17, 2022 01:08PM

Re: @ClustExp_run_shiny error

discoraj March 17, 2022 01:53PM

Re: @ClustExp_run_shiny error

mironside March 22, 2022 04:57PM

Re: @ClustExp_run_shiny error

mironside April 20, 2022 04:30PM

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discoraj April 21, 2022 12:33PM