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April 20, 2022 04:30PM
Hi there!

I am a little stuck on this issue and installing firefox didn't seem to work and I still get the slider error.

The `name` provided ('area-chart') is deprecated in Font Awesome 5:
* please consider using 'chart-area' or 'fas fa-chart-area' instead
* use the `verify_fa = FALSE` to deactivate these messages
Warning: Error in : In sliderInput(): `min`, `max`, and `value` cannot be NULL, NA, or empty.
  83: stop
  82: validate_slider_value
  81: sliderInput

Is there any other way for me to review group results, rather than Cluster Explorer?
I can't seem to find any on the tutorials.

I am getting this error before the error about the slider input, could this be relevant?

PO: plugout 'plugout_drive' has broken connection!
  : iochan_goodcheck: no longer alive

Thanks so much for all your help!
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discoraj April 21, 2022 12:33PM

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