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April 12, 2022 06:54AM

I'm trying to map the functional data to surface using 3dVol2Surf and then extract the data within surface ROI. Then I met ** FATAL ERROR: Input and mask datasets are not same dimensions!

I checked their number of nodes and found there's a lack of nodes for the functional data. It's weird because this doesn't happen to another run of this subject (scanned just 2 min before the problematic run). Any suggestions to solve this problem?

I also found the number of nodes of functional data varied if I made some changes to the options of @SUMA_AlignToExperiment which may affect the input for -sv of 3dVol2Surf. So something wrong with the alignment?

Thanks in advance!

Dset 0x199c9b0, datum level 0 (0..3 possible)
Number of Links: 0
Dset Name: SPARSE_DATA (-1), isGraph 0, isCIFTI (MultiDomain)0
filename: ./sbj04_rawdata_unblur_rh.niml.dset
label: //media/dongx/0D6...
self_idcode (idcode): AFN_XwpPE5QYr8xv4SQyEjDsTQ
domain_parent_idcode (MeshParent_idcode):
Node Index (NodeDef) Element:
inel->vec_len = 129537
inel->vec_num = 1
inel->vec_filled = 129537
Node Index Column found.
sorted_node_def: Yes
0, 1, ..., 129651, 129652, 129653

----- Following are the scripts:

@SUMA_AlignToExperiment -exp_anat a2_brain_shiftrotate_al+orig \
-surf_anat ../anat/SUMA/${s}_SurfVol.nii \
-align_centers \
-echo \
-prefix ${s}_SurfVolal

for hemi in "lh" "rh"
3dVol2Surf -spec ${s}_${hemi}.spec -surf_A ${hemi}.smoothwm.gii -surf_B ${hemi}.pial.gii \
-sv ${datapath}/${s}_SurfVolal+orig \
-grid_parent ${datapath}/r08_bandpass.nii.gz \
-map_func nzave -f_steps 10 -f_index voxels -out_niml ${datapath}/${s}_func_${hemi}.niml.dset
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Dimension mismatch between surface datasets

Dong April 12, 2022 06:54AM

Re: Dimension mismatch between surface datasets

rick reynolds April 19, 2022 11:21AM

Re: Dimension mismatch between surface datasets

Dong April 22, 2022 04:36AM

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