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April 13, 2022 08:55AM
Doesn't 3dfim+ have a default polort value of 1? and there is default thresholding on, too, I think? From the program help:
[-polort pnum]     pnum = degree of polynomial corresponding to the    
                     baseline model  (pnum = 0, 1, etc.)               
                     (default: pnum = 1). Use -1 for no baseline model.
[-fim_thr p]       p = fim internal mask threshold value (0 <= p <= 1) 
                     to get rid of low intensity voxels.               
                     (default: p = 0.0999), set p = 0.0 for no masking.

3dfim+ wasn't really designed for this application, so I would check the default behavior...

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Philipp April 12, 2022 01:27PM

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ptaylor April 12, 2022 04:45PM

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Philipp April 13, 2022 06:41AM

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ptaylor April 13, 2022 08:55AM

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Philipp April 13, 2022 10:23AM