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April 27, 2022 04:37AM

I am trying to load the brainnetome atlas as an overlay (,157540,157568).

I have the atlas in AFNI_data5, so I changed to that directory and launched AFNI from there.

The output of “ls” is as follows:
@demo.Artifact           MyData                  s00.ap                     zz.errts.s620.fanaticor+orig.BRIK.gz
BN_Atlas_246_1mm.nii     index.html              s620_rest_r1+orig.BRIK.gz  zz.errts.s620.fanaticor+orig.HEAD
BN_Atlas_246_1mm.nii.gz  out.ss_review.s620.txt  s620_rest_r1+orig.HEAD

The BN_Atlas_246_1mm.nii.gz file is highlighted in red, along with the zz.errts.620.fanaticor+orig.BRIK.gz file.

When I click the overlay button in the GUI, only “s620_resr_r1” and “zz.errts.s620.fanaticor” appear – there is no sign of the BN atlas. The same applies for the underlay button. After clicking the overlay button, I see this in the terminal:

** ERROR (nifti_image_read): failed to find header file for '/home/marcus/AFNI_data5/BN_Atlas_246_1mm.nii'
** ERROR (nifti_image_read): failed to find header file for '/home/marcus/AFNI_data5/BN_Atlas_246_1mm.nii.gz'

I thought I could perhaps solve this using the “3dcopy” function, changing the file to a more AFNI-compatible file type. Here is the result of that attempt:

3dcopy BN_Atlas_246_1mm.nii.gz BN_Atlas
++ 3dcopy: AFNI version=AFNI_22.0.11 (Feb 18 2022) [64-bit]
** ERROR (nifti_image_read): failed to find header file for '/home/marcus/AFNI_data5/BN_Atlas_246_1mm.nii.gz'
** FATAL ERROR: no datasets found!
** Program compile date = Feb 18 2022

Does anyone know what the issue is here? This is my first time attempting to use AFNI so I may have missed something basic.
It could be something to do with adding the BN atlas to my ‘.afnirc’ file?

Thank you for your time,
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Brainnetome Atlas

MarcusG April 27, 2022 04:37AM

Re: Brainnetome Atlas

ptaylor April 27, 2022 08:02AM

Re: Brainnetome Atlas

Daniel Glen April 27, 2022 11:01AM