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June 01, 2022 02:12PM

I'm trying to use trial-by-trial behavior as a parametric/amplitude modulator and look at contrasts where I compare the modulation effects between conditions.

I saw the following post: [] which suggests that I should be doing the following:

-gltsym 'SYM: myCondition1[1] -myCondition2[1]'

I just want to double check that I am conceptually understanding this correctly. If I were to do the following:
-gltsym 'SYM: +Ant.Mean -Ant.Nice' -glt_label 3 Ant.Mean.V.Nice

it would be equivalent to: -gltsym 'SYM: +Ant.Mean[0] -Ant.Nice[0]' -glt_label 3 Ant.Mean.V.Nice

and would NOT be actually capturing any of the amplitude modulation?

Whereas the following: -gltsym 'SYM: +Ant.Mean[1] -Ant.Nice[1]' -glt_label 3 Ant.Mean.V.Nice

Would be examining the difference in the modulation effect between the Mean and Nice conditions

Thank you!
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Amplitude Modulation GLT set up

MeganQ June 01, 2022 02:12PM

Re: Amplitude Modulation GLT set up

rick reynolds June 01, 2022 05:13PM

Re: Amplitude Modulation GLT set up

MeganQ June 02, 2022 08:58PM

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