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December 01, 2002 12:24PM
another problem were're having using to3d with our Siemens Allegra dicom format:

we have some anatomical data (T2 weighted) with resolution 112x128 pixels, (the FOV was 168 x 192). When we create a BRIK with to3d, the axial image looks smeared and has regularly spaced dark horizontal lines, the sagittal image has regularly spaced dark vertical lines, and the coronal image has nice-looking coronal images for an entire volume positioned horizontally one after the other.
The sagital and axial images make this seem like a resolution problem. I've tried messing with the 3D:hglobal:himage:nx:ny:nz:fname option in to3d, but this didn't seem to help.
The other anatomical data we collected looked fine (but it was T1 weighted), and we're not sure what's different with this.

let me know if you'd like to see this data,
and (Bob Cox) thanks for having offered to mess with this data format for our mosaic problem,

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dicom, anat, resolution

George Tourtellot December 01, 2002 12:24PM

Re: dicom, anat, resolution

bob cox December 02, 2002 08:40AM

DICOM fixed (for now)

bob cox December 02, 2002 07:18PM

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