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January 17, 2003 05:41PM

I am having trouble making this question
clear, so I am appending this excerpt
from the SPM slicetiming routine.
I promise this will be absolutely my
very last posting on this question !
re your last posting, I think the
explanation of the algorithm appended below
indicates that the red (corrected) curve
(kate17.gif) should be shifted rightwards
wrt the black (orig) curve, and the curve
for slice2 should be shifted leftwards.

From spm_slice_timing.m:

"The correction works by lagging (shifting forward) the time-series
data on each slice using sinc-interpolation. This results in each
time series having the values that would have been obtained had
the slice been acquired at the beginning of each TR.

To make this clear, consider a neural event (and ensuing hemodynamic
response) that occurs simultaneously on two adjacent slices. Values
from slice "A" are acquired starting at time zero, simultaneous to
the neural event, while values from slice "B" are acquired one
second later. Without corection, the "B" values will describe a
hemodynamic response that will appear to have began one second
EARLIER on the "B" slice than on slice "A". To correct for this,
the "B" values need to be shifted towards the Right, i.e., towards
the last value."
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