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Jim Eliassen
February 21, 2003 10:30AM

I am having trouble with netpbm and AFNI working together properly on Mac OSX. Initially, after I installed netpbm (and added some paths to my .cshrc), I could save BMP file formats. After a couple of saves, however, BMP formats now produce corrupted files. These BMP files can't be read in by programs such as Photoshop, which complains that the file format module cannot parse the file. XView also complains about the file, saying Bogus BMP File! (BitCount=7, Planes=1, Compression=0). AFNI's output looks normal, so I have pasted it below.

I also can't make TIFFs, although I am not sure if this worked initially (also see below). JPEG works, and EPS works too (I think EPS is a netpbm induced capability), but these formats compress the image and so there is some image distortion. Is there a way to turn off image compression?

In an attempt to resolve this I have re-installed AFNI (pre-compiled binaries), netpbm (and dependents), XDarwin, OpenMotif (MotifZone's version), and Apple Developer Tools, but the problem hasn't been corrected. We have a similar problem with TIFFs on the SGI system in the lab, but I switched to BMP formats instead of fixing things.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.



##### output for BMP #########
Writing one image to file asd.bmp
ppmquant: making histogram...
ppmquant: 81 colors found
ppmquant: choosing 255 colors...
ppmquant: mapping image to new colors...
ppmtobmp: analyzing colors...
ppmtobmp: 81 colors found
ppmtobmp: Writing 7 bits per pixel with a color pallette

##### Output for TIFF ###########
Writing one image to file sdf.tif
dyld: /sw/bin/pnmtotiff can't open library: /sw/lib/libtiff.3.dylib (No such file or directory, errno = 2)
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difficulties with netpbm and AFNI

Jim Eliassen February 21, 2003 10:30AM

Re: difficulties with netpbm and AFNI

bob cox February 21, 2003 02:13PM

Re: difficulties with netpbm and AFNI

Jim Eliassen February 21, 2003 03:09PM

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