OHBM 2015


MVM ______________________________________________________

Subtle Shape Differences in HRF poster Detecting Subtle Shape Differences in Hemodynamic Responses

Multi Contrast Methods ______________________________________________________

Multi Contrast Poster Framework for Generating Class Priors From Multi-Contrast Images Without Group Volume Templates

Multi Contrast Clinical ______________________________________________________

Clinical Multi Contrast Poster Clinical Application of a Template-free Framework for Analysis of Multi-contrast Anatomical Images

Haskins Pediatric Atlas ______________________________________________________

Haskins Pediatric Atlas Poster Pediatric atlases, templates and method analysis

Macaque Connectivity Atlas ______________________________________________________

Macaque Connectivity Atlas Poster Macaque template, atlas segmentation,connectivity interaction and web resources

DBS in Parkinson's ______________________________________________________

DBS in Parkinson's Poster Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease: The Potential Benefit of Preoperative DTI Demo Script: @Install_DBSproc (available with full AFNI install)