Usage: @CommandGlobb -com <Program Command line> -session <Output Dir> -newxt <extension> -list <Brick 1> <Brick 2> ...

<Program Command line> : The entire command line for the program desired
The command is best put between single quotes, do not use the \ to break a long line within the quotes
<Brik*> : a list of bricks (or anything)
<extension> : if the program requires a -prefix option, then you can specify the extension
 which will get appended to the Brick names before +orig
<Output Dir> : The output directory

@CommandGlobb -com '3dinfo -v' -list *.HEAD
will execute 3dinfo -v on each of the A*.HEAD headers

@CommandGlobb -com '3dZeropad -z 4' -newxt _zpd4 -list ADzst*vr+orig.BRIK
will run 3dZeropad with the -z 4 option on all the bricks ADzst*vr+orig.BRIK