Usage: 1ddot [options] 1Dfile 1Dfile ...
* Prints out correlation matrix of the 1D files and
  their inverse correlation matrix.
* Output appears on stdout.
* Program 1dCorrelate does something similar-ish.

 -one  =  Make 1st vector be all 1's.
 -dem  =  Remove mean from all vectors (conflicts with '-one')
 -cov  =  Compute with covariance matrix instead of correlation
 -inn  =  Computed with inner product matrix instead
 -rank =  Compute Spearman rank correlation instead
          (also implies '-terse')
 -terse=  Output only the correlation or covariance matrix
          and without any of the garnish.
 -okzero= Do not quit if a vector is all zeros.
          The correlation matrix will have 0 where NaNs ought to go.
          Expect rubbish in the inverse matrices if all zero
          vectors exist.

++ Compile date = Oct 13 2022 {AFNI_22.3.03:linux_ubuntu_16_64}