This program performs 2d image registration.  Image alignment is
performed on a slice-by-slice basis for the input 3d+time dataset,
relative to a user specified base image.

 ** Note that the script @2dwarper.Allin can do similar things, **
 ** with nonlinear (polynomial) warping on a slice-wise basis.  **

-input fname           Filename of input 3d+time dataset to process
-basefile fname        Filename of 3d+time dataset for base image
                         (default = current input dataset)
-base num              Time index for base image  (0 <= num)
                         (default:  num = 3)
-nofine                Deactivate fine fit phase of image registration
                         (default:  fine fit is active)
-fine blur dxy dphi    Set fine fit parameters
     blur = FWHM of blurring prior to registration (in pixels)
               (default:  blur = 1.0)
     dxy  = Convergence tolerance for translations (in pixels)
               (default:  dxy  = 0.07)
     dphi = Convergence tolerance for rotations (in degrees)
               (default:  dphi = 0.21)

-prefix pname     Prefix name for output 3d+time dataset

-dprefix dname    Write files 'dname'.dx, 'dname'.dy, 'dname'.psi
                    containing the registration parameters for each
                    slice in chronological order.
                    File formats:
                      'dname'.dx:    time(sec)   dx(pixels)
                      'dname'.dy:    time(sec)   dy(pixels)
                      'dname'.psi:   time(sec)   psi(degrees)
-dmm              Change dx and dy output format from pixels to mm

-rprefix rname    Write files 'rname'.oldrms and 'rname'.newrms
                    containing the volume RMS error for the original
                    and the registered datasets, respectively.
                    File formats:
                      'rname'.oldrms:   volume(number)   rms_error
                      'rname'.newrms:   volume(number)   rms_error