=============================================================================    - perform various system checks

This program is intended to be helpful for figuring out AFNI installation


   1. -check_all
   2a. -find_prog python
   2b. -find_prog python -exact yes

terminal options:

   -help                : show this help
   -help_dot_files      : show help on shell setup files
   -help_rc_files       : SAME
   -hist                : show program history
   -show_valid_opts     : show valid options for program
   -todo                : show current todo list
   -ver                 : show current version

   NOTE: either a terminal or an action option is required

action options:

   -check_all           : perform all system checks
                          - see section, "details displayed via -check_all"
   -dot_file_list       : list all found dot files (startup files)
   -dot_file_show       : display contents of all found dot files
   -dot_file_pack NAME  : create a NAME.tgz packge containing dot files
   -find_prog PROG      : search PATH for PROG
                          - default is *PROG*, case-insensitive
                          - see also -casematch, -exact

other options:

   -casematch yes/no    : match case in -find_prog
   -data_root DDIR      : search for class data under DDIR
   -exact yes/no        : search for PROG without wildcards in -find_prog

details displayed via -check_all (just run to see):

   general information:
      - CPU, operating system and version, # CPUs, login shell

   AFNI and related tests:
      - which afni, python, R and tcsh, along with versions
      - check for multiple afni packages in PATH
      - check that various AFNI programs run

   python libs:
      - check that various python libraries are found and loaded

   path vars:
      - show some environment variables related to the PATH

R Reynolds    July, 2013