This program creates the single subject (ss) HTML review script
'@ss_review_html', which itself generates images and text that form
the afni_proc.py quality control (APQC) HTML.

It is typically run by the afni_proc.py (AP) proc* script itself.


-uvar_json  UJ    :(req) UJ is a text file of uvars ("user variables")
                   created by gen_ss_review.py that catalogues important
                   files in the results directory, for the APQC.

-subj_dir   SD    :(req) location of AP results directory (often '.', as
                   this program is often run from within the AP results

-review_style RS  :(opt) the 'style' of the APQC HTML output HTML.  Allowed
                   keywords are:
                       {none, basic, pythonic}
                   + Using 'pythonic' is the recommended way to go: the
                   1D images are the clearest and most informative.
                   It means you need the Python module Matplotlib
                   (v>=2.2) installed, which should be a light dependency.
                   + Using 'basic' means that no Matplotlib will be
                   used, just 1dplot, and the images will be more,
                   well, basic-looking.
                   + Using 'none' means no APQC HTML is generated (boooooo).

-mot_grayplot_off :(opt) turn off the grayplot generation.  This
                   option was created for a specific case of a user who had
                   a huuuge dataset and the grayplot took annoyingly long
                   to estimate.  Not recommended to use, generally.