Usage: rtfeedme [options] dataset [dataset ...]
Test the real-time plugin by sending all the bricks in 'dataset' to AFNI.
 * 'dataset' may include a sub-brick selector list.
 * If more than one dataset is given, multiple channel acquisition
    will be simulated.  Each dataset must then have the same datum
    and dimensions.
 * If you put the flag '-break' between datasets, then the datasets
    in each group will be transmitted in parallel, but the groups
    will be transmitted serially (one group, then another, etc.).
    + For example:
        rtfeedme A+orig B+orig -break C+orig -break D+orig
       will send the A and B datasets in parallel, then send
       the C dataset separately, then send the D dataset separately.
       (That is, there will be 3 groups of datasets.)
    + There is a 1 second delay between the end transmission for
       a group and the start transmission for the next group.
    + You can extend the inter-group delay by using a break option
       of the form '-break_20' to indicate a 20 second delay.
    + Within a group, each dataset must have the same datum and
       same x,y,z,t dimensions.  (Different groups don't need to
       be conformant to each other.)
    + All the options below apply to each group of datasets;
       i.e., they will all get the same notes, drive commands, ....

  -host sname =  Send data, via TCP/IP, to AFNI running on the
                 computer system 'sname'.  By default, uses the
                 current system, and transfers data using shared
                 memory.  To send on the current system using
                 TCP/IP, use the system 'localhost'.

  -dt ms      =  Tries to maintain an inter-transmit interval of
                 'ms' milliseconds.  The default is to send data
                 as fast as possible.

  -3D         =  Sends data in 3D bricks.  By default, sends in
                 2D slices.

  -buf m      =  When using shared memory, sets the interprocess
                 communications buffer to 'm' megabytes.  Has no
                 effect if using TCP/IP.  Default is m=1.
                 If you use m=0, then a 50 Kbyte buffer is used.

  -verbose    =  Be talkative about actions.
  -swap2      =  Swap byte pairs before sending data.

  -nzfake nz  =  Send 'nz' as the value of nzz (for debugging).

  -drive cmd  =  Send 'cmd' as a DRIVE_AFNI command; e.g.,
                   -drive 'OPEN_WINDOW A.axialimage'
                 If cmd contains blanks, it must be in 'quotes'.
                 Multiple -drive options may be used.

  -note sss   =  Send 'sss' as a NOTE to the realtime plugin.
                 Multiple -note options may be used.

  -gyr v      =  Send value 'v' as the y-range for realtime motion