level 3 and higher

The levels of importance go from 1 to 5, with meanings:
       1 - users would not care
       2 - of little importance, though some users might care
       3 - fairly important
       4 - a big change or new program
       5 - IMPORTANT: we expect users to know

generated via the command : afni_history -html -reverse -min_level 3 -past_months 6 

---- log of AFNI updates (most recent first) ---- 22 Apr 2022, RC Reynolds, Dimon, level 3 (MAJOR), type 2 (NEW_OPT) add -sort_method cases rin and geme_rin
14 Apr 2022, P Taylor, @djunct_modal_smoothing_with_rep, level 3 (MAJOR), type 4 (BUG_FIX) Replacement was not occuring if ROIs were purged by modal smoothing. Fixed that bug, hopefully improving robustness to such error in future.
01 Mar 2022, RC Reynolds, nifti_tool, level 3 (MAJOR), type 2 (NEW_OPT) allow conversion between any 2 int or float types (except float128) Add -copy_image, -convert2dtype, -convert_verify, -convert_fail_choice. Conversion operations happen in nt_image_read and nt_read_bricks, and can therefore be applied to most data-included operations. Requested by J Teves.
18 Feb 2022, RC Reynolds, @Install_APMULTI_Demo2_realtime, level 3 (MAJOR), type 1 (NEW_PROG) new install script for APMULTI_Demo2_realtime This is a demo for running AFNI's real-time system, without needing to bother the scanner. It demonstrates use if single- and multi-echo DICOM input, and various sets of data that can be passed from afni to an external program ( in this case).

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