level 3 and higher

The levels of importance go from 1 to 5, with meanings:
       1 - users would not care
       2 - of little importance, though some users might care
       3 - fairly important
       4 - a big change or new program
       5 - IMPORTANT: we expect users to know

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---- log of AFNI updates (most recent first) ---- 02 Oct 2019, P Taylor,, level 3 (MAJOR), type 0 (GENERAL) The naming convention of PE dist dir has been reversed; mask opts changed. PE dist dir should match with JSONs better; 3dmask_tool does masking now.
12 Sep 2019, P Taylor,, level 3 (MAJOR), type 0 (GENERAL) Output QC directory of images now, as well. Useful for quick QC. Later, will add some checks for obl, to not smooth unnec.
29 Aug 2019, P Taylor, @auto_tlrc, level 3 (MAJOR), type 0 (GENERAL) RE-introducing the program '@auto_tlrc' to the distribution. It had been mistakenly deleted somehow.
23 Aug 2019, P Taylor,, level 3 (MAJOR), type 4 (BUG_FIX) Fixed calculation when PE effective echo spacing is input. The conversion to BWPP was wrong; led to almost no distortion corr.
15 Aug 2019, P Taylor,, level 3 (MAJOR), type 0 (GENERAL) This program has been pretty fully revamped, and might be worth using now. New scaling from Vinai, several updates/fixes/changes from last ver. 15 Aug 2019, DR Glen, @animal_warper, level 3 (MAJOR), type 1 (NEW_PROG) Warp data to template and atlas segmentation to subject Tested for macaques. Derived from macaque_align.csh and NMT_subject_align.csh
25 Jul 2019, P Taylor,, level 3 (MAJOR), type 1 (NEW_PROG) Program to apply freq volume to EPI for B0 distortion correction. An honor to translate this program from one by Vinai Roopchansingh!
01 Jul 2019, P Taylor,, level 3 (MAJOR), type 0 (GENERAL) Labels on stim regressors, vorig QC block added, grayplot pbvorder/enorm. Help updated; output stats still if not align/tlrc blocks used.
25 Jun 2019, P Taylor, 3dSkullStrip, level 3 (MAJOR), type 5 (MODIFY) Dset orient should no longer affect results (b/c of var of init cond). Intermediate resampling now reduces/removes var due to start.
22 May 2019, P Taylor,, level 3 (MAJOR), type 0 (GENERAL) Somewhat big changes: warns block updated and radcor block added. Left-right flip and @radial_correlate checks now in; other tweaks.
18 Apr 2019, P Taylor, @SSwarper, level 3 (MAJOR), type 2 (NEW_OPT) Include -deoblique and -giant_move opts. For oblique data, and/or heavily rotated, shifted, etc.

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