AFNI program: FD2

Output of -help

 Functional Display (32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256) in X11 window.
 EPI images in 256x256 Signa format are accepted too.
 It displays EPI time or frequency course window.

 Usage: /var/www/html/pub/dist/bin/linux_gcc32/FD2 [options] image1, [image2, ..., image10000]

 Where options are:
    -d display       - X11 display
    -geom geometry   - initial geometry
    -nc #_of_colors  - initial number of colors [2-200] (def 64)
    -sp #_of_degree  - range of color spectrum [0-360] degree (def 240)
    -gam gamma       - gamma correction (1 for no correction)
    -num #_of_images - # of images in time course [2-10000].
    -im1 image_#     - first image in time course. Previous images will be 
                       filled with this one for proper timing of others.
    -ideal ref_file  - use ref_file for fim-like calculations
    -pcthresh #      - use # as threshold for correlation
    -extra           - files after this are not used in time course
                       (used instead of -num option)
    -fim_colors L thr1 pos1 neg2 ... thrL posL negL
                     - set up L thresholds and colors for FIM overlay
    -gsize x y       - set graph window size to x by y pixels
    -fmag val        - magnify scale of FFT by val
    -grid val        - initial grid separation 
    -phase           - image has negative values (for FFT)
    -cf              - center image to the frame
    -swap            - byte-swap data (default is no)
                       *** this is a new default!


  Program quit      :  or 
  Change to colors  : 
  Change to B & W   : 
  Swap colors       : 
  Restore colors    : Button_3 at image center 
  Squeeze colors    : #2 or #3 button - right side of image
  Expand  colors    :                   left  side of image
  Circ. color bar   : #2 or #3 button at the color bar
  Color saturation  : #2 or #3 button - the top or bottom
  Exact image number: press , enter_number, 
  First image       : 1
  Last image        : l
  Next     image    : >
  Previous image    : <
                      dragging red pointer works too
  Scale Plot up         : +
  Scale Plot down       : -
  Increase Grid Spacing : G
  Decrease Grid Spacing : g
  Toggle Grid and Colors: r
  Toggle Frame colors   : R
  Increase matrix size  : M
  Decrease matrix size  : m
  Exact matrix size     : N #of_size  (1 to 25 only)
  Save minigraph in ASCII file   : press 

[with xxx_yyy.suffix filename] press Save current image to a file : press Save averaged image (not norm) : press Position frame in the image : press Button_1 in the image area, drag cursor, and release button. Center frame on desired pixel : press Button_1 over desired minigraph. Rotate image 90 deg. clockwise : press Button_3 in [Rot] window. counterclockwise : press Button_1 in [Rot] window. Change to differential display : press [Diff] window. Set first and last image for averaged reference. Average of set of images : press [AvIm] (can be used in Diff mode). Compute FIM overlay : press [FIM], choose ref file,threshold, then press [GO] Last image in time course : L Toggle autoscale of images : A Hide FIM overlay : H Hide frame in image : h Toggle overlay checkerboard : O Read image into program : F (for file) Remove image from program : K (for kill) Move to image 1..9 : 1,2,...9 Toggle common graph baselines : b Toggle baseline to zero : x Add/[subtract] 3600 from pixel : D / [d] In FT edit mode: increase value : Arrow Up decrease value : Arrow Down Shift or Control Arrow : larger changes undo last change : u undo all changes : U

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