AFNI program: mpeg_encode

Output of -help

Error:  Cannot open parameter file:  -help
Usage:  mpeg_encode [options] param_file
	-stat stat_file:  append stats to stat_file
	-quiet n:  don't report remaining time for at least n seconds
	-realquiet:  output nothing at all if successful
	-no_frame_summary:  suppress frame summary lines
	-float_dct:  use more accurate floating point DCT
	-gop gop_num:  encode only the numbered GOP
	-combine_gops:  combine GOP files instead of encode
	-frames first_frame last_frame:  encode only the specified frames
	-combine_frames:  combine frame files instead of encode
	-nice:  run slave processes nicely
	-max_machines num_machines:  use at most num_machines machines
	-snr:  print signal-to-noise ratio
	-bit_rate_info rate_file:  put bit rate in specified file
	-mv_histogram:  show histograms of motion vectors

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