AFNI program: sfim

Output of -help

MCW SFIM: Stepwise Functional IMages, by RW Cox

Usage: sfim [options] image_files ...

  + image_files are in the same format AFNI accepts
  + options are from the following:

  -sfint iname:   'iname' is the name of a file which has
                  the interval definitions; an example is
                    3*# 5*rest 4*A 5*rest 4*B 5*rest 4*A 5*rest
                  which says:
                    - ignore the 1st 3 images
                    - take the next 5 as being in task state 'rest'
                    - take the next 4 as being in task state 'A'
                    and so on;
                  task names that start with a nonalphabetic character
                  are like the '#' above and mean 'ignore'.
              *** the default 'iname' is 'sfint'

  -base bname:    'bname' is the task state name to use as the
                  baseline; other task states will have the mean
                  baseline state subtracted; if there are no task
                  states from 'iname' that match 'bname', this
                  subtraction will not occur.
              *** the default 'bname' is 'rest'

  -localbase:     if this option is present, then each non-base
                  task state interval has the mean of the two
                  nearest base intervals subtracted instead of the
                  grand mean of all the base task intervals.

  -prefix pname:  'pname' is the prefix for output image filenames for
                  all states:  the i'th interval with task state name
                  'fred' will be writen to file 'pname.fred.i'.
              *** the default 'pname' is 'sfim'

  Output files are the base-mean-removed averages for each non-base
  task interval, and simply the mean for each base task interval.
  Output images are in the 'flim' (floating pt. image) format, and
  may be converted to 16 bit shorts using the program 'ftosh'.

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