HowTo 00 : Installing AFNI

			NOTE: This document will be enhanced over time.  If you
			      would like an added section, or added detail, please
			      post a request to the AFNI Message Board.

background : overview - general description of the steps

Linux : complete setup - complete OS and AFNI setup: Fedora 21+, Ubuntu 14.04+
Installing AFNI - basic instructions

Mac OS X : Full 10.6 Install - installing Xcode, fink and AFNI on a clean 10.6 system
Basic 10.7/10.8 Install - installing AFNI on a 10.7 or 10.8 system (no fink or uber_*)
Complete 10.7/10.8 Install - installing Xcode, homebrew and AFNI on a clean 10.7 or 10.8 system
Pre-Install OS X 10.4 - system setup via fink for running AFNI/SUMA
Installing AFNI - basic instructions
Compiling AFNI - basic instructions

Any OS : Data and Handouts - get class data and view basic handouts
Installing Talairach - install the AFNI Talairach dataset
Class Setup - AFNI installation for a class computer

download AFNI : pub/dist - top-level download directory
- (access to binaries, documentation, educational material, etc.)
pub/dist/tgz - download source code or pre-compiled AFNI binaries
- (Linux, Mac OS X, SGI, Solaris, Cygwin, etc.)

download this : ht00_html.tgz - download html pages for HowTo 00