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June 13, 2018 02:06AM
Hi AFNI Gurus,
The option of "-stim_times_AM2" in 3dDeconvolve allows inputs of multiple amplitudes in format like this:
however, I am wondering if missing values are allowed for some of the amplitudes so some inputs can be like this:
"53.7*2,-6,@" with the "@" indicating a missing value

I guess that I can manually create multiple regressors for each of the amplitude modulations and manually remove those missing events in respective regressors; but the "@" solution is more convenient if available.
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missing value in "-stim_times_AM2"

Zhihao_Li June 13, 2018 02:06AM

Re: missing value in "-stim_times_AM2"

rick reynolds June 13, 2018 09:06AM

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