SSCC Staff

Scientific and Statistical Computing Core

SSCC is the Scientific and Statistical Computing Core of the NIMH Intramural Research Program. The primary function of this core is to support functional neuroimaging research at the NIH. This includes development of new data analysis techniques, their implementation in the AFNI software, advising researchers on the analysis methods, and instructing them in the use of software tools.

Paul A. Taylor
Core Director for the SSCC

 Paul has been staff scientist in the SSCC since 2015, and has been 
 Acting Core Director since the start of 2022. He works on many of
 the diffusion weighted imagings tools in AFNI, as well as on the FMRI 
 and general processing ones. He also likes data visualizaton and
 quality control (QC). 
                                                        E-mail: paul.taylor @
                                                        Phone: 301-402-1352
                                                        Office: Building 10, Room 1D80
                                                        Bethesda MD, 20892

Paul Taylor's Google scholar page:


Gang Chen

  Gang Chen started in March 2003 as a Mathematical Statistician.
  He provides consulting on any statistics-related issues, and keeps
  developing new statistical tools in AFNI.

          Phone: 301-594-9193
                                             Office: Building 10, Room 1D73      
Gang's Home page


Daniel Glen

  Daniel Glen started in November 2004 as a Computer Engineer.
  He works mostly on issues related to atlases, templates and
  alignment. He also devlops new visualization methods.

              E-mail: glend at
              Phone: 301-451-6236
                                                 Office: Building 10, Room 2D40
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Rick Reynolds

  Rick Reynolds started in Dec 2001 as a Computer Scientist in the Core.

              Phone: 301-451-6234
              Office: Building 10, Room 2D40


Brian Pittman 

 Brian Pittman is the System/Web Administrator of the Core.
 He maintains the AFNI, and NIfTI web sites.

              Phone: 301-451-6233
              Office: Building 10, Room 2D40



Elaine Raab

  Elaine is the Core's Adminstrative Assistant.

          Phone: 301-496-3591
          Office: Building 10, Room 1D73



Justin K. Rajendra 

 Justin joined in 2017 after more than a decade of clinical research in various
 neuroscience related fields (depression, post stroke rehabilitation, mindfulness,
 chronic fatigue). Modalities included fMRI, PET, fNIRS, TMS, EMG, EEG,
 motion capture, clinical performance measures. He previously worked at
 Emory University in the department of Psychiatry as a research informatics analyst.

                                                             Email: justin.rajendra @
                                                             Phone: 301-451-6235
                                                             Office: Building 10, Rm 2D40
Justin's Google scholar page:

Yamuna Narayana Swamy  

 Yamuna studied medical image analysis and inverse problems in Diffuse optical
 tomography for her graduate studies. Following this she worked as a research
 associate in the astrophysical relativity group at ICTS where she worked on
 parameter estimation in gravitational waves. She joined the AFNI group in
 September 2020 as a postdoc, and currently she is working on implementing
 deep learning methods on MRI image analysis.

                                                                  E-mail: yamuna.narayanaswamy @

Peter Lauren

 Peter Lauren joined the group in September, 2020.  He completed a
 BSc in Physics at Otago University, New Zealand, a Masters in Biomedical
 Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Australia and a
 PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Virginia. 
 His professional interests are the application of image processing,
 and data science, to the biomedical field.

                                                                   E-mail: peter.lauren @

Peter's Google scholar page:



Robert W. Cox

   Bob is a Special Volunteer with the SSCC. He is particulary special​RWC 
   because he started AFNI and was the Core DIrector from 2001-2021.
   His interests include algorithms, optimization, data visualization,
   processing, alignment and more.             

Bob's Home page


SSCC Alumni/ae


John Lee: 2016-2019
Abera Wouhib: 2016-2017
Ziad S. Saad: 2001-2015
Hang Joon Jo

Julie Maloney
Andrej Vovk

Peggy Christidis
Rich Hammett
Alex Clark