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December 07, 2018 10:57AM
hi all
i am very happy to find SurfClust which can perform the multiple correction on surface based analysis. It is difficult for me to write the code for this, although I read the help of the SurfClust. OK. Here are output for my script:
- Error SUMA_SurfClust_ParseInput (SUMA_SurfClust.c:437):
Option -i not understood.
Try -help for usage
Here's hoping these excerpts from 'SurfClust -help' enlighten:
'-i insurf: With insurf being the full name of the surface.'
'<-input inData.dset dcol_index>'
'-input inData.dset dcol_index: The input dataset'
This is my script. I try performing the clustering after surfaced based analysis using Then i get the beta for each mesh/node from the stats file, and naming the surface beta as HDR.niml.dset. this one is left hemisphere. My questions are: 1,how to fix my errors? 2, how to add more subjects' data such as a group data?
SurfClust -spec /Users/caroline/CON_IA27/SUMA/std.60.CON_IA27_lh.spec \
-i /Users/caroline/CON_IA27/ \
-input HDR.niml.dset \
-rmm -2 \
-athresh 1 \
-prefix OUTPREF

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