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Peggy Christidis
March 07, 2003 05:13PM
Dear AFNI-ites,

Rick Reynolds and Peggy Christidis have just finished the "eagerly awaited" AFNI
how-to #3. This how-to provides a script that will assist you in producing optimal
random stimulus timing files for an event-related design.

Current how-to's:

HowTo 01: block design - 3dDelay
HowTo 02: block design - 3dDeconvolve
HowTo 03: stimulus timing design

To view any of these how-to's, go to:


You will find sample data and detailed tutorials there.

Have fun,
Peggy and Rick

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AFNI how-to #3 is here!

Peggy Christidis March 07, 2003 05:13PM

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