This directory includes the current and archived versions of the D99 macaque atlas (Saleem, 2016).
Please select the .tgz compressed file for the most recent version or the individual datasets
and files within each corresponding expanded directory.

archive - previous atlas versions

macaqueatlas_1.2b - latest version of atlas, expanded directories including instructions

macaqueatlas_1.2b.tgz - latest version of atlas - single compressed file <===== Probably want this file!

   Download and expand onto your computer with

     tar xzvf macaqueatlas_1.2b.tgz


If you make use of the template or atlas in your research, we ask you cite this paper:

          Reveley C, Gruslys A, Ye FQ, Samaha J, Glen D, Russ B, Saad Z,
          Seth A, Leopold DA, Saleem KS (2017). Three-dimensional digital template
          atlas of the macaque brain. Cerebral Cortex 27: 4463-4477.

Note the atlas dataset may not be modified or redistributed without prior
consent from the authors. Citation information is included with the atlas.

Please contact or with questions,
comments and suggestions.