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April 29, 2022 05:51PM

"Well, I guess I asked for it... Silly me."
I am still happy that you did :) The procedure turns out to be far more complex than I expected.

"In the transformation_steps.jpg image you sent, is Panel A-left really a subject native space thing? It looks like a template."
You are right, the left image in rows A and B is the MNI152_T1_1mm.nii.gz template. The respective image on the right is the coregistered anatomical T1 image, in row A via 3dAllineate and in row B via 3dQwarp. The MNI152_T1_1mm image is the template I want to coregister the individual anatomical image to.

Is the order correct?

@djunct_overlap_check \
-ulay orig_T1_UNI-DEN.nii.gz \
-olay MNI152_T1_1mm.nii.gz \
-prefix olap_t1_mni

I am asking because here it looks as the MNI template was registered to the anatomical T1, while the other way around is true in my case.

Please find attached images of the respective output.


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open | download - olap_epi_t1.jpg (435.4 KB)
open | download - olap_t1_mni.jpg (751.8 KB)
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