4.1. FMRI examples (brief)

4.1.1. Overview

Publications are listed in reverse chronological order. Many thanks to the authors who have made their work available for general benefit.

Below are searchable tags and labels for each paper. This may help when searching for a paper with a given type of data or desired processing step.

Tag (study descriptors): Label (for searchability)
FMRI paradigm: task-block, task-event, resting, naturalistic, par-other
FMRI dset: EPI, dual phase (AP-PA), fmri-other
Anatomical dset: MPRAGE, T1w, T2w, T1map, T2map, FLAIR, FLASH, PD, SWI, Angio, none, anat-other
Subject population: human, nonhuman primate, macaque, rat, simulation, pop-other
Subject characteristic: patient, control, char-other
Subject age: prenatal, newborn, infant, child, juvenile, adult, senior, age-other
Template space: MNI, Talairach, Haskins-ped, native, sp-other
Template align method: linear, nonlinear, al-other
Tissue segmentation: 3dSeg, FreeSurfer, seg-other
Tissue regression: ANATICOR, fANATICOR, PCA, WM+Vent, reg-other

4.1.2. Publications with example scripts