Usage: @fix_FSsphere <-spec SPEC> <-sphere SPHERE.asc>
                     [-niter NITER] [-lim LIM] [-keep_temp]

   Fixes errors in FreeSurfer spherical surfaces.
   Mandatory parameters:
   -spec SPEC: Spec file
   -sphere SPHERE.asc: SPHERE.asc is the sphere to be used.
   Optional parameters:
   -niter NITER: Number of local smoothing operations.
                 Default is 3000
   -lim LIM: Extent, in mm, by which troubled sections
             are fattened. Default is 6
   -project_first: Project to a sphere, before smoothing.
                   Default is: 0

   Corrected surface is called SPHERE_fxd.asc

@fix_FSsphere -spec ./2005-10-01-km_rh.spec -sphere ./rh.sphere.asc