Usage: 3dAttribute [options] aname dset
Prints (to stdout) the value of the attribute 'aname' from
the header of dataset 'dset'.  If the attribute doesn't exist,
prints nothing and sets the exit status to 1.

  -name = Include attribute name in printout
  -all  = Print all attributes [don't put aname on command line]
          Also implies '-name'.  Attributes print in whatever order
          they are in the .HEAD file, one per line.  You may want
          to do '3dAttribute -all elvis+orig | sort' to get them
          in alphabetical order.
  -center = Center of volume in RAI coordinates.
            Note that center is not itself an attribute in the
           .HEAD file. It is calculated from other attributes.
  Special options for string attributes:
    -ssep SSEP    Use string SSEP as a separator between strings for
                  multiple sub-bricks. The default is '~', which is what
                  is used internally in AFNI's .HEAD file. For tcsh,
                  I recommend ' ' which makes parsing easy, assuming each
                  individual string contains no spaces to begin with.
                  Try -ssep 'NUM'
    -sprep SPREP  Use string SPREP to replace blank space in string
    -quote        Use single quote around each string.
       3dAttribute -quote -ssep ' '  BRICK_LABS SomeStatDset+tlrc.BRIK
       3dAttribute -quote -ssep 'NUM' -sprep '+' BRICK_LABS SomeStatDset+tlrc.BRIK

++ Compile date = Aug 10 2020 {AFNI_20.2.11:linux_ubuntu_16_64}