Usage: 3dCM [options] dset
Output = center of mass of dataset, to stdout.
    Note: by default, the output is (x,y,z) values in DICOM
          coordinates.  But as of Dec, 2016, there are now
          command line switches for other options (see -local*

  -mask mset   Means to use the dataset 'mset' as a mask:
                 Only voxels with nonzero values in 'mset'
                 will be averaged from 'dataset'.  Note
                 that the mask dataset and the input dataset
                 must have the same number of voxels.
  -automask    Generate the mask automatically.
  -set x y z   After computing the CM of the dataset, set the
                 origin fields in the header so that the CM
                 will be at (x,y,z) in DICOM coords.
  -local_ijk   Output values as (i,j,k) in local orienation.
  -roi_vals v0 v1 v2 ... : Compute center of mass for each blob
                           with voxel value of v0, v1, v2, etc.
                           This option is handy for getting ROI
                           centers of mass.
  -all_rois     Don't bother listing the values of ROIs you want
                the program will find all of them and produce a
                full list.
  NOTE: Masking options are ignored with -roi_vals and -all_rois

++ Compile date = Jan 17 2020 {AFNI_20.0.00:linux_ubuntu_16_64}