Usage: 3dErrtsCormat [options] dset

Computes the correlation (not covariance) matrix corresponding
to the residual (or error) time series in 'dset', which will
usually be the '-errts' output from 3dDeconvolve.  The output
is a 1D file of the Toeplitz entries (to stdout).

  -concat rname  = as in 3dDeconvolve
  -input  dset   = alternate way of telling what dataset to read
  -mask   mset   = mask dataset
  -maxlag mm     = set maximum lag
  -polort pp     = set polort level (default=0)

-- RWCox -- June 2008 -- for my own pleasant purposes
-- Also see program 3dLocalCormat to do this on each voxel,
   and optionally estimate the ARMA(1,1) model parameters.

++ Compile date = Oct 13 2022 {AFNI_22.3.03:linux_ubuntu_16_64}