Usage: 3dSharpen [options] dataset

Applies a simple 3D sharpening filter to the POSITIVE values
in the #0 volume of the input dataset, and writes out a new

Only operates on positive valued voxels in the dataset.
Non-positive values will not be altered.


 -phi fff       = Sharpening factor, between 0.1 and 0.9 (inclusive).
                  Larger means more sharpening. Default is 0.4.

 -input dataset = An option to input the dataset anywhere,
                  not just at the end of the command line.

 -prefix pref   = Select the name of the output dataset
                  (it will be in floating point format).

* A quick hack for experimental purposes.
* e.g., Cleaning up the results of brain template construction.
* RWCox - Feb 2017.