('++ Command line:\n   ', '/home/afniHQ/ -help')

Helpfile for:    ***  ***
Version num:     1.6
Version dat:     June 1, 2020
Written by:      PA Taylor (NIMH, NIH)

Just a simple helper function for the fat_proc* scripts.

Takes >= 6 arguments:
   1) an output file name;
   2) an (warped) atlas of interest, with subbrick selector, if necessary;
   3) a mask for the (warped) atlas (same grid)
   4) a reference atlas (i.e., same one but unwarped), with (same)
      subbrick selector, if necessary.
   5) a mask for the reference atlas (same grid)
   6) a "modesmooth" value, from modal smoothing used after warping

The output file name will be simple text, containing ROI count/size