This program plots simple matrices output from 3dNetCorr (*.netcc)
and 3dTrackID (*.grid).

This program has a Python dependency: it requires Python 2.7 or 3.*,
as well as the 'matplotlib' module.

Ver  : 1.14
Date : July 31, 2020
Auth : PA Taylor


+ A *.netcc or *.grid file output by 3dNetCorr or 3dTrackID,

+ A list of one or more matrices in the file to save.

Several aspects of the generated image file can be controlled
(various font sizes, DPI, figure size, etc.), but note that some
work has gone into trying to "guess" appropriate sizes for the font
x- and y-tick fonts to be appropriately sizes for column- and
row-sizes.  So, you might want to first choose your DPI and see how
things look, and then refine aspects from there.


+ Individual image files of matrices; these can contain colorbars,
  as well.


-input  II     :(req) name of *.netcc or *.grid file with matrices
                to be plotted

-pars   PARS   :list of matrices to be plotted, identified by their
                parameter name.  Can plot one or more.  If no '-pars ..'
                list is provided, then all matrices in the input file
                will be plotted (might plop a lot of plots!)

-prefix PP     :output basename for image(s).  Note that this can
                include path information, but both the name of each
                matrix (CC, FA, MD, ...) and the file extension (png,
                jpg, ...) will be appended to it.  (def: make prefix
                from the directory+root name of input file)

-ftype  FT     :filetype, given as extension.  Available filetypes
                depend slightly on your OS and setup.  (def: chosen
                by matplotlib.rcParams, which appears to be png)

-dpi    DPI    :spatial resolution (dots per inch) of output images
                (def: 100)

-vmin   MIN    :minimum value of the colorbar (def: min value in matrix)

-vmax   MAX    :maximum value of the colorbar (def: max value in matrix)

-fs_xticks FXT :fontsize of ticks along the x-axis (def: 10)

-fs_yticks FYT :fontsize of ticks along the y-axis (def: 10)

-fs_title  FT  :fontsize of title (def: let program guess)

-fs_cbar   FCB :fontsize of colorbar (def: let program guess)

-cbar_n_intervals NI
               :number of intervals on colorbars for enumeration purposes.
                That is, this controls just how many numbers appear along
                the cbar (which would be NI+1). (def: 4)

-cbar      CB  :name of colorbar to use.  This link contains a name of
                all available cbars:
                ... and for each, you can add an '_r' as suffix to
                reverse it. (def: RdBu_r)
                Some perceptually uniform colormaps:
                  viridis, plasma, inferno, magma, cividis
                Some divergent colormaps:
                  BrBG, RdBu, coolwarm, seismic, bwr

-cbar_width_perc  CWP
               :width of cbar as a percentage of the image
                (def: 5)

-cbar_off      :colorbar is shown by default; use this opt to turn off
                including the colorbar in the image (not recommended)

-figsize_x FSX :width of created image, in units of inches
                (def: guess from size of matrix and x-/y-ticks fontsize)

-figsize_y FSY :height of created image, in units of inches
                (def: guess from size width value, and whether a colorbar
                is included)

-hold_image    :in addition to saving an image file, open the image and
                keep displaying it until a key is pressed in the
                terminal (def: don't open image immediately)

-tight_layout  :use matplotlib's "plt.tight_layout()" functionality in
                arranging the plot

-xticks_off    :don't display labels along the x-axis (def: do display them)

-yticks_off    :don't display labels along the y-axis (def: do display them)

-ver           :display version number of program

-date          :display release/editing date of current version
                (July 31, 2020)

-help          :display help (in terminal)
-h             :display help (in terminal)

-hview         :display help (in separate text editor)


0) Plot everything in this netcc file:

   fat_mat2d_plot.py                   \
       -input REST_corr_rz_003.netcc

1) Plot the CC (correlation coefficient) values between [-1, 1]

   fat_mat2d_plot.py                   \
       -input REST_corr_rz_003.netcc   \
       -vmin -1                        \
       -vmax  1                        \
       -pars CC

2) Plot the FA (fractional anisotropy) values between [0, 1] using
   the 'cool' colorbar and with a specified prefix:

   fat_mat2d_plot.py                   \
       -input o.OME_000.grid           \
       -vmin  0                        \
       -vmax  1                        \
       -pars   FA                      \
       -prefix IMAGE                   \
       -cbar   cool

3) Plot the MD, L1 and RD values between [0, 3] (-> on a DTI note,
   these values are *probably* in units of x10^-3 mm^2/s, given this
   range) with the reversed Greens colorbar:

   fat_mat2d_plot.py                   \
       -input o.OME_000.grid           \
       -vmin  0                        \
       -vmax  3                        \
       -pars   MD L1 RD                \
       -prefix IMAGE2                  \
       -cbar   Greens_r