Usage: [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -e TES                ex: -e 14.5,38.5,62.5  Echo times (in ms)
  -d DSINPUTS           ex: -d RESTe1.nii.gz,RESTe2.nii.gz,RESTe3.nii.gz
  -a ANAT               ex: -a mprage.nii.gz  Anatomical dataset (optional)
  -b BASETIME           ex: -b 10s OR -b 10v  Time to steady-state
                        equilibration in seconds(s) or volumes(v). Default 0.
  --MNI                 Warp to MNI space using high-resolution template

  Additional processing options:
    --qwarp             Nonlinear anatomical normalization to MNI (or --space
                        template) using 3dQWarp, after affine
    --fres=FRES         Specify functional voxel dim. in mm (iso.) for
                        resampling during preprocessing. Default none. ex:
    --space=SPACE       Path to specific standard space template for affine
                        anatomical normalization
    --no_skullstrip     Anatomical is already intensity-normalized and skull-
                        stripped (if -a provided)
    --no_despike        Do not de-spike functional data. Default is to de-
                        spike, recommended.
    --no_axialize       Do not re-write dataset in axial-first order. Default
                        is to axialize, recommended.
                        Mask functional with help from anatomical or standard
                        space images: use 'anat' or 'template'
                        Coregistration with Local Pearson and T2* weights
                        (default), or use (edge method): use
                        'lp-t2s' or 'aea'
    --smooth=FWHM       Data FWHM smoothing (3dBlurInMask). Default off. ex:
                        --smooth 3mm
                        Explicitly specify base dataset for volume
    --TR=TR             The TR. Default read from input dataset header
                        Slice timing (i.e. alt+z, see 3dTshift -help). Default
                        from header. (N.B. This is important!)
                        Additional arguments to anatomical-functional co-
                        registration routine
                        Additional arguments to TE-dependence analysis routine

  Run optipns:
    --prefix=PREFIX     Prefix for final ME-ICA output datasets.
    --cpus=CPUS         Maximum number of CPUs (OpenMP threads) to use.
                        Default 2.
    --label=LABEL       Label to tag ME-ICA analysis folder.
    --test_proc         Align and preprocess 1 dataset then exit, for testing
    --script_only       Generate script only, then exit
    --pp_only           Preprocess only, then exit.
    --keep_int          Keep preprocessing intermediates. Default delete.
    --skip_check        Skip dependency checks during initialization.