Usage:   unWarpEPI.py -f run1+orig'[0..5]' -r blip_down+orig -d 'run1,run2' -a anat+orig -s unwarp_folder

Routine to unwarp EPI data set using another data set with opposite polarity

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FORWARD, --forward=FORWARD
                        calibration matching data to be corrected
  -r REVERSE, --reverse=REVERSE
                        calibration with opposing polarity to data to be
  -a ANAT4WARP, --anat4warp=ANAT4WARP
                        reference anatomical data set
  -d DATA, --data=DATA  data to be corrected (same polarity as forward
                        calibration data). Separate with commas if specifying
                        multiple datasets. Do NOT put +orig at the end of
                        these dataset names, or the script will fail!
  -s SUBJID, --subjID=SUBJID
                        ID of subject to be corrected
  -g, --giant_move      Set giant_move option for align_epi_anat if final
                        align of anatomy to corrected EPI fails if datasets
                        are far apart in space.

For questions, suggestions, information, please contact Vinai Roopchansingh,