17.1. Thanks

AFNI benefits from all sorts of contributions by users at NIH and around the globe.

We appreciate all the questions, comments, suggestions, bug suggestions (not my fault, though!), coding input and collaborations over the years. And we look forward to these continuing and expanding.

17.1.1. Code contributions

Thanks to the following people who have contributed code to the AFNI distribution over the years, through github, email, or cuneiform entablature (and please let us know if we have missed anyone out, with our fading memory…):

Brenna Argall

Gregory Baxter

Matthew Belmonte

Mike Beauchamp

Rasmus Birn

Paul Bloom

Jerzy Bodurka

Cesar Caballero-Gaudes

Gang Chen

Peggy Christidis

Daniel Clark

Bob Cox

Cameron Craddock

Lamont Cranston

K. Donahue

Gianfranco F.

Larry Frank

Carol Froehlich

Stefan Fuertinger

Daniel Glen

Javier Gonzalez- Castillo

Yaroslav Halchenko

Rich Hammett

Taylor Hanayik

Michael Hanke

Tom Holroyd

Vincent Hradil

Shruti Japee

Mark Jenkinson

Andrzej Jesmanowicz

Hans Johnson

Ben Jung

Jakub Kaczmarzyk

Greg Kiar

Jay Brian Kummer

Prantik Kundu

Rayus Kuplicki

Stephen LaConte

Peter Lauren

Peter Lauro

John Lee

Jonathan Lisinksi

Ross Markello

Chris Markiewicz

Peter Molfese

Julia Molony

Kevin Murphy

Yamuna Narayana Swamy

Dylan Nielson

Paul Novak

Nikolaas Oosterhof

Brian Pittman

Dillon Plunkett

Justin Rajendra

Rick Reynolds

Vinai Roopchansingh

Chris Rorden

Tom Ross

Ziad Saad

Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen

Isaac Schwabacher

Fred Tam

Paul Taylor

Josh Teves

Raoquiong Tong

Giovanni Torres

Sam Torrisi

Robert Vincent

Andrej Vovk

Doug Ward

David Warren

Joshua Zosky