13.4. Template Surfaces

13.4.1. MNI N27

You can easily load template surfaces into SUMA using a syntax such as:

suma -spec MNI_N27
suma -i lh:MNI_N27:ld60:smoothwm

Search the output of suma -help for TEMPLATE to get more information about the syntax. The convenience includes not having to specify the path to the spec file in question, or specifying the surface volume.

To install the template surfaces you can do the following:

cd ~/
\mkdir -p .afni/data
cd .afni/data
afni_open -aw suma_MNI_N27.tgz
tar xvzf suma_MNI_N27.tgz

Repeat with suma_TT_N27.tgz to get the Talairach version. Test your installation by loading a low resolution standard mesh (for instance) with:

cd ~/
suma -spec MNI_N27:ld60