This script is somewhat outdated.
I suggest you use 3dMean which is
faster, meaner and not limited to
the alphabet.   ZSS, 03/14/03

Usage : @4Daverage <average 3D+t brick prefix> <3D+t brik names...>

This script file uses 3Dcalc to compute average 3D+time bricks
example : @4Daverage NPt1av NPt1r1+orig NPt1r2+orig NPt1r3+orig
The output NPt1av+orig is the average of the three bricks
 NPt1r1+orig, NPt1r2+orig and NPt1r3+orig

You can use wildcards such as
 @4Daverage test ADzst2*.HEAD AFzst2r*.HEAD
 Make sure you do not pass both .HEAD and .BRIK names.
 If you do so they will be counted twice.

The bricks to be averaged must be listed individually.
The total number of bricks that can be averaged at once (26)
is determined by 3dcalc.

Ziad Saad Nov 21 97, Marquette University
Modified to accept wild cards Jan 24 01, FIM/LBC/NIH