Script to set an AFNI environment variable in your afni resource file

Usage: @AfniEnv <-set NAME VALUE> [<-unset NAME>]

   -set  NAME VALUE: Set environment variable NAME  to value VALUE
   -get  NAME: Get the value (same as apsearch -Vname option)
   -unset NAME : The opposite of -set
   -help: this message

Note that this script only modifies the contents of your .afnirc
   file which is determined to be: /home/afniHQ/.afnirc

See also:
   apsearch -afni_rc_file
   apsearch -view_readme env

Global Help Options:

   -h_web: Open webpage with help for this program
   -hweb: Same as -h_web
   -h_view: Open -help output in a GUI editor
   -hview: Same as -hview
   -all_opts: List all of the options for this script
   -h_find WORD: Search for lines containing WORD in -help
                 output. Seach is approximate.