A script to remove blanks and other annoying characters from filenames.
 in the current directory.
The default set of characters to replace is ' []()'
Spaces are replaced with _.
If resultant name exists, more _ are used until new name
is found.

   @DeblankFileNames [-move] [FILES]

   -dry_run: Just show what would be done. Don't rename files.
             This is the default option
   -move: Actually rename the files (opposite of -dry_run)
   -nobrac: Do not replace () and [] in filenames, just spaces
   -demo_set: Create a toy directory with bad names for testing.
   -echo: Turn on script echo
   -help: This message
   FILES: Specify files to fix as opposed to letting it fix all
          the names in the current directory.

   1- @DeblankFileNames

   2- @DeblankFileNames -move

   3- Run the command below and follow its suggestions
      @DeblankFileNames -demo_set