@DiceMetric <-base BASE> <-dsets DSET1 [DSET2 ...]>
              [max_N_roi MAX_ROI]

Computes Dice Metric between BASE, and each of DSET volumes

Mandatory parameters:
<-base BASE>: Name of base (reference) segmentation
<-dsets DSET1 [DSET2 ...]>: Data sets for which the Dice Metric with
                            BASE is computed.
                            This option is to be the last on the command

  NOTE: A lazy usage would be:
  @DiceMetric BASE DSET

Optional parameters:
   [-save_match] : Save volume showing BASE*equals(BASE,DSET)
   [-save_diff ] : Save volume showing BASE*(1-equals(BASE,DSET))
          These two options are off by default. The output filenames
          are formed this way:
   [-max_N_roi MAX_ROI]: The maximum possible roi index. Default is 12
                         or based on LTFILE if specified
   [-labeltable LTFILE]: If given, the labeltable is used to set the
                         default MAX_ROI parameter
                         Also, this option forces an output for each
                         key in the LTFILE
   [-forceoutput LTFILE]: If given force output for each class in LTFILE
   [-do_not_mask_by_base]: Do not mask dset by step(base) before computing
                           Dice coefficient. This is the default behaviour
                           for backward compatibility.
   [-mask_by_base]: Mask dset by the step(base) before computing
                           Dice coefficient. With this option,
                           Voxels that are 0 in the base dataset are not
                           considered in the computations.

   [-prefix PREFIX]: Use PREFIX for the output table.
                     Default is separate results for each dset to stdout
   [-ignore_bad]: Warn if encountering bad scenarios, but do not create
                  a zero entry. You should check for the cause of the
                  warnings to be sure they are OK to ignore
   [-keep_tmp]: Keep temporary files for debugging. Note that you should
                delete temporary files before rerunning the script.
   [-echo]    : set echo

Ziad Saad (saadz@mail.nih.gov)
SSCC/NIMH/ National Institutes of Health, Bethesda Maryland